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Silicone Dog Ball - Powder Blue

Silicone Dog Ball - Powder Blue

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Discover the joy and peace of mind with Houndstone's line of silicone dog balls. Our silicone dog toys have been designed with your dog's health and happiness in mind. Our dog balls are crafted from 100% food-grade silicone, ensuring they are non-toxic and safe for your pup's daily play activities

At Houndstone. we understand that pets are family, which is why we've chosen silicone as the material for these dog balls. Silicone meets the highest standards of safety and durability. The soft blue hue of this silicone dog ball is not just aesthetically pleasing but was also carefully selected to capture your dog's attention, since blue is one of few colors dogs can see.

Our dog ball has a gentle texture that is kind to teeth and gums, making them a great choice for dogs of all ages and sizes. Plus, silicone is an easy-to-clean material, thereby ensuring that your pet's favorite toy stays hygienic and safe for endless hours of fun.

If you're searching for a product that combines fun, safety, and style then order your pup's dog ball today! 

*Always monitor pets when playing to prevent choking/chewing hazards.

Dimensions: Diameter 2"

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