Hey there, pet lovers! Welcome to Houndstone. Inspired by our own loving pack of rescue dogs, cats, and fosters, we set out to create the top-tier treats and products they (and your pets!) deserved. When the search came up short, we took the wheel and started producing our own - now, all our rescue-approved treats and goods are crafted from nothing but the finest materials!

Our passion, integrity, and respect for our animal friends underpin the wide range of products we offer, from handcrafted luxury leashes and collars to novel protein dog and cat treats made from wild-caught, pasture-raised animals, to durable dog beds made right here in the USA. Our commitment ensures your pet gets nothing less than the absolute best.

But our mission doesn't stop at pet products. We strongly believe in social change and promoting ethical practices. Our dedication to making a positive impact extends beyond business; we're also staunch advocates for animal welfare. That's why 10% of our profits go directly towards helping animals in need, offering them the chance for a safe and loving home.

We invite you to learn more about our rescue stories and how you can contribute at houndstone.org. Your choice to support Houndstone directly aids our mission, and for that, we thank you! Together, we can make a difference, one paw at a time.