• Jackson sitting with a bottle of Houndstone hypoallergenic dog shampoo

    "One of the best shampoos we’ve ever used... it’s made bath time so much easier for us!" Thank you!

    -Rafael T.

  • This pup loves Houndstone cruelty free shampoo

    "Maple’s fur is so much softer... she doesn’t get itchy afterwards like with other brands."
    -Rebecca L.

  • "I washed my dog last night and I love it, smells so effortless! And it washes sooo well!"

    -Jemma M.

  • Deniro loves Houndstone cruelty free shampoo

    "It doesn’t have stuff that causes skin irritation. 100% recommend this for anyone who has a dog with sensitive skin."

    -Boris E.

  • "We love that a percentage of all profits go towards animal rescue efforts!"

    -Mershad T.

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