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The Lobster Dog Toy

The Lobster Dog Toy

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Dive right into Houndstone's Lobster dog toy! Houndstone's durable dog toys are designed for pups who may enjoy somewhat more aggressive play. Shaped like a lobster, complete with claws that won't pinch, this durable dog toy is an underwater escapade for your pup!

The Lobster dog toy is built to last through countless play sessions, ensuring your dog stays entertained and active.

At the heart of the Lobster is a squeaker that adds an extra layer of excitement for your dog. Your dog will hear a squeak with every bite and paw interaction, captivating their attention and providing endless entertainment while satisfying their natural hunting instincts.

Whether your dog is splashing around during a day at the beach, enjoying a backyard adventure, or simply cuddling up with their new crustacean companion, Houndstone's durable dog toys are the perfect addition to their toy collection. It's the ideal tough plush dog toy to keep your pup engaged, active, and mentally stimulated.

Get ready to unleash a wave of fun with the Houndstone Lobster! It's the ultimate durable dog toy for pets who love to play hard. If you're searching for tough plush dog toys that can withstand your dog's playful energy, look no further than Houndstone's Lobster dog toy.

Dimensions: 4" x 12" 

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