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Are your fur baby's treats more outdated than dial-up internet? Leap into the now with Houndstone's range of freeze dried dog treats.

From the dog that turns its snout up at everything to the pup with that mysterious itch, we've got you. Sourced ethically from pasture-raised and wild-caught stars of the animal kingdom, our freeze dried dog treats are single protein—so no unexpected guests in these packets! Our novel proteins are as eclectic as your dog's uncanny knack for hearing a treat-bag being opened 3 rooms away.

Bid adieu to those ambiguous, "is-this-even-food?" treats and let your four-legged family member relish the splendor of Houndstone's freeze dried wonders.


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1. How do freeze dried dog treats from Houndstone stand out from traditional treats?

Houndstone's freeze dried dog treats boast multiple advantages. Thanks to the freeze-drying process, they pack more nutrients and authentic flavors, eliminating the need for heat. Plus, their extended shelf life and portability make them perfect for both home storage and on-the-go adventures.

2. Are Houndstone's freeze dried dog treats crafted with natural ingredients?

Absolutely! At Houndstone, we craft our freeze dried dog treats with single-source proteins, sourced exclusively from trusted partners. Our commitment is to use only premium, natural ingredients to guarantee your dogs enjoy the finest treats.

3. What's the freeze-drying process Houndstone uses for its freeze dried dog treats?

Our treats undergo a meticulous freeze-drying procedure. This begins by freezing the raw ingredients, followed by a vacuum process that extracts the moisture, ensuring the treats retain their authentic taste and wholesome texture.

4. Can dogs with allergies or food sensitivities have Houndstone's freeze dried dog treats?

Yes, they can! Houndstone's range is specially formulated to be devoid of common allergens and unnecessary fillers. With each treat containing a singular ingredient and featuring unique proteins, they're an excellent choice for pups with specific dietary needs.

5. Are Houndstone freeze dried dog treats suitable for training?

Certainly! Our freeze dried dog treats, with their bite-sized dimensions, are tailor-made for training sessions. They're an excellent tool for positive reinforcement, rewarding your pup each time they nail a command.

6. How much of Houndstone's freeze dried dog treats should I give my dog?

While serving size largely depends on your dog's weight and activity levels, a general guideline is 1-2 treats for every 10 pounds of body weight daily. For our senior canine companions, we recommend our leaner options like the bison freeze dried dog treats. Always calibrate servings based on your dog's unique dietary needs.

7. How do Houndstone's freeze dried dog treats compare to dehydrated treats?

Dehydrated treats are crafted by methodically drawing out moisture using gentle heat, a process that takes longer than freeze-drying.

8. Does Houndstone offer different flavors for their freeze dried dog treats?

Yes, we do! Continuously innovating, Houndstone often rolls out new novel proteins, ensuring there's always something new for your pup to look forward to.

9. Are Houndstone's freeze dried dog treats compatible with all dog ages and breeds?

Definitely! From spirited puppies to graceful seniors, dogs of all ages and breeds will find Houndstone's freeze dried dog treats delightful. We advise giving senior dogs our leaner protein options and always stress moderation in treat consumption.

10. Where can I buy Houndstone's freeze dried dog treats?

Find Houndstone's freeze-dried dog treats on our official website,, or pick them up at select pet stores.