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Get ready to put the 'eco' back in 'ecosystem' with our biodegradable cornstarch dog poop bags! Made from 100% plant-based materials, these bags transform an 'eww' situation into an 'aww' solution, one poop at a time!

Our robust bags are crafted from durable cornstarch, and like a good joke, they're designed to break down easily - but only after you're done with them! Our dog poop bags tackle the nasty task of poop-scooping with unparalleled bravado.

With Houndstone you can say hello to the sweet freedom of environmentally friendly dog walks! No longer will you fear the judgmental glares of your neighbors. Instead, proudly pick up your pup's surprises, knowing that you're doing your bit for our planet.

Perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds, our biodegradable dog poop bags leave no paw print behind. They’re a must-have for conscious pet parents, sustainable dog lovers, and anyone who just can't stand the thought of millennia-old doggie doo-doo. There’s no better feeling than knowing that your dog’s deposits won’t linger around longer than the pyramids.

So, if you're a pet parent who's had enough of plastic, turn to our biodegradable cornstarch dog poop bags. They're as easy on the planet as they are on your hands and nose. Get Houndstone’s dog poop bags today - for the love of dogs, and the love of our planet!

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  1. What are the Houndstone dog poop bags made of?
    Our dog poop bags are primarily made from cornstarch, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly option for pet waste disposal.
  2. How do Houndstone dog poop bags differ from regular plastic bags?
    Houndstone dog poop bags are biodegradable and TUV certified home compostable, unlike many traditional plastic bags which can take hundreds of years to decompose.
  3. Are the Houndstone dog poop bags safe for home composting?
    Absolutely! Our dog poop bags are TUV certified for home composting.
  4. Do Houndstone dog poop bags decompose quickly compared to other biodegradable options?
    Yes, being made of cornstarch and TUV certified home compostable, our dog poop bags are designed to break down more efficiently than many other alternatives.
  5. How strong and durable are Houndstone's dog poop bags?
    Despite being biodegradable, our dog poop bags are robust and reliable, ensuring no unpleasant accidents during waste disposal.
  6. Why choose Houndstone's dog poop bags over other brands?
    Opting for our dog poop bags means supporting an eco-friendly initiative that's not only good for the planet but also guarantees quality and performance.
  7. Do the Houndstone dog poop bags come with a particular scent or fragrance?
    Our primary focus is on sustainability and safety. We do not add any artificial scents to our dog poop bags.
  8. How can I be sure that the dog poop bags from Houndstone are genuinely biodegradable?
    We proudly stand by our TUV certification for home composting, ensuring that our dog poop bags meet rigorous environmental standards.
  9. How do I store the Houndstone dog poop bags for maximum shelf life?
    While our dog poop bags are designed for durability, it's best to keep them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to ensure their optimal performance when used.
  10. Can Houndstone dog poop bags handle waste from larger breeds?
    Yes, our dog poop bags are designed to cater to dogs of all sizes, ensuring every pet parent can contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.