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The Houndstone Journey: From Rescue Missions to Creating Luxury Pet Products

Houndstone, more than just a brand, is a reflection of the passion and dedication of its founder, Neda Torabi. Her story is one of inspiration, love, and a relentless commitment to the welfare of animals.

Childhood Memories Fuel a Lifelong Passion

Ever since her early days, Neda was captivated by the cause of canine welfare. Stray dogs, abandoned and hurting, particularly on the scorching beaches of her childhood town, left an indelible mark on her heart. These poignant encounters nurtured in her a deep-seated devotion to dog rescue, a commitment that has flourished over the past two decades.

Pony's Legacy: The Heart of Houndstone

Neda's dedication to animal rescue grew as the years rolled by, her caring spirit touching countless animal lives. However, her journey turned intensely personal when Al Capone, her cherished rescue Jack Russell Terrier affectionately called Pony, entered his sunset years. This deep bond pushed Neda towards an incredible initiative – crafting Houndstone's first product, a hypoallergenic, cruelty-free dog shampoo. Today, every bottle of Houndstone Dog Shampoo proudly showcases Pony's endearing face, a tribute to the bond they shared until he passed away at 17.

Houndstone: An Expanding Quality of Life Advocate for Pets

Since its inception, Houndstone has ventured beyond shampoo. Today, the brand boasts a diverse range, including BioThane leashes, BioThane dog collars, silicone dog bowls, dog jackets, novel protein freeze dried dog treats, freeze dried cat treats, and uniquely designed dog pillows. A consistent thread weaving through these products is Houndstone's commitment to ethics. For instance, their bestselling freeze dried dog treats are made from wild-caught or pasture-raised animals, all sourced within the USA. Neda's principle remains unchanged: "I wouldn't use any ingredient that I wouldn't trust for my own babies."

A Sanctuary for Senior Pets

Neda's home, vibrant with the presence of three rescue dogs and two cats, is more than just a dwelling. To her, it's a refuge for senior pets, many of whom are often overlooked by others. These elderly animals, full of warmth and love, serve as the muse for Houndstone's luxury products, from dog apparel to treats.

Giving Back: Houndstone's Commitment

Driven by the principle of never compromising when it comes to any animal's well-being, Houndstone dedicates 10% of its profits to assist animals in distress, with an emphasis on senior pets.

The Houndstone Ethos: Dedication & Love

Neda's life, from her initial rescue endeavors to the establishment of Houndstone, narrates a tale of unwavering love and dedication. Through Houndstone, Neda has pledged herself to offer only the best, honoring the enduring bond between humans and their beloved pets.

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