How Houndstone Got Its Start

How Houndstone Got Its Start

Houndstone founder, Neda Torabi, has been heavily involved in the dog rescue world for nearly two decades. As a child, she began rescuing injured dogs she would find as strays. Often these dogs would be found abandoned on hot beaches, with no shade to protect them from the heat. Many with injuries. The last of which she found had sustained a serious head injury likely inflicted by someone who didn’t appreciate how incredible the dog was.


Since those early years, Neda has continued to work with rescue animals on a larger and larger scale. The idea for Houndstone’s cruelty free dog shampoo arose once her Jack Russell Terrier Al Capone entered his senior years. Their bond grew stronger, their time together more precious, and his health was top priority. Al Capone, or “Pony,” was the inspiration behind the Houndstone hypoallergenic dog shampoo. You can see Pony’s handsome face proudly displayed on the Houndstone bottle. This image of Pony is based on a photo of his final months of life at 17 years old before he crossed the rainbow bridge. When asked about Pony, Neda responded “Those last years with Pony were beyond anything I could have imagined. Becoming increasingly aware of the limited time you have with this beautiful creature that you have loved for years is a difficult feeling but at the same time, it makes you appreciate every moment. Pony was my soulmate. I love all of my dogs, but every once in a while, a dog comes around where your bond is so strong – there is simply a connection of your souls.”


The Houndstone cruelty free shampoo was formulated with the health of dogs like Pony in mind. Neda says, “there is nothing in this product that I wouldn’t feel safe using on my own babies.”  She is currently mom to three fur babies, two chihuahuas named Lelo and Betty, and a wild Jack Russell Terrier named Arepa. All three are rescues with very different stories.


Arepa was rescued from the streets of Colombia and brought back to the USA by Neda. Lelo was a COVID adoption that ended with him being returned to the shelter once the city began opening up. Lastly, Betty was dumped at a vet with a ton of dresses to dress her up in, yet her medical needs had clearly been neglected.  She was then adopted, and returned a few months later emaciated and suddenly terrified of people. Again, her medical needs were neglected.


Betty is now part of the Houndstone Foundation Sanctuary. A Haven for older dogs to spend the rest of their lives in a single loving home, where she will be fed, provided with endless love, and get the very necessary and delayed medical treatment she needs.


These are only some of the reasons the Houndstone hypoallergenic dog shampoo was developed. The company also donates 10% of profits to animal rescue efforts. Naturally the product is a cruelty free dog shampoo. Houndstone is dedicated to keeping dogs healthy, helping improve the lives of animals in the shelter system, and building a sanctuary for senior dogs where they will live their final days surrounded by love.



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